Romantic Retreats

Romantic Retreats: Intimate Holiday Rentals in Saint Tropez for Couples

Escape to a world of love and luxury with intimate holiday rentals in Saint Tropez, designed for couples. This picturesque French town, nestled on the glittering azure of the Mediterranean, beckons lovers with its enchanting old-world charm, unforgettable sunset cruises,…

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Horizontal property and vertical property, how do they differ?

When we want to buy a property in a property, we can find two cases: that the property is of horizontal property, or of vertical property. But what does this distinction refer to and what implications does it have? We…

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Difference between reform and rehabilitation of real estate

Are you thinking about how to revalue your home before you sell it? We explain the difference between renovation and rehabilitation so you can decide which one you need. When fixing a property, two terms are used a lot: reform…

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Virtual cadastre: know its function in detail

The virtual cadastre is used to analyse the profile of a city, giving us information of all the details of the real estate sector that affect people and activities. Specifically, the real estate cadastre is an administrative register that depends…

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