The Association of British Travel Agents and Tour Operators, ABTA, through a statement has reported that bookings to Spain have increased by 27% over last year. Thus, Spain is in second place with respect to this increase, behind Portugal (32%) and ahead of Cyprus (14%) and Malta (15) which is fourth and third in the ranking. The ABTA highlights that in the last year there has been an increase in demand for trips to Spain from the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The growth in popularity with respect to the Western Mediterranean is a consequence of the fall, at least partially, of the decline of traditionally popular destinations such as Tunisia and Egypt. On the other hand, British travel is favoured by the general recovery of the British market already observed by airlines in 2015. Spain also stands out from the rest because of the demand for bookings well in advance, as customers seek to enjoy the best prices, and therefore book much earlier and plan their stay. Another fact to highlight is that many of these tourists who book well in advance, is because they decide to settle in Spanish cities, buying or renting a flat, especially in cities on the shores of the Mediterranean, where they enjoy a very good range of properties, and has the climate that can have the best of all.

Online Agencies and Platforms

The other relatively recent phenomenon, and which has a great impact on real estate professionals, is all that has to do with online platforms that attract owners or investors, and especially those that offer marketing services at prices well below the minimum fees of any classic agency with a physical presence in a local. As a reference, the consolidated phenomena in the United States, and also in the United Kingdom, are hybrid Agencies or Platforms that, fundamentally, group meat and bone Agents that provide on-site services to owners, sometimes giving the option to the owners, or not, to show the properties to interested buyers.