When we consider taking the step and selling our beloved home we have some doubts that make us think that perhaps it is not the time. Among these doubts is the exclusive real estate, that condition that gives so much fear to the owners of a flat for sale.

How is it better to sell your flat with or without exclusive real estate?

We noticed that over the years working in the real estate sector that a sale of a flat that has signed an exclusive real estate contract works better. So this option becomes the best if you want the process of buying and selling your property to be easy and simple. Yes, we know that you are tired of listening to these words and that all the real estate agents you have consulted talk to you about it, creating a state of distrust in you. But, if the whole real estate sector tells you about it, wouldn't it be true? It may be that your distrust comes from a negative experience in the past in which you worked with an exclusive real estate and nothing worked. Let us tell you that this happened because you chose the wrong real estate agency, with a lack of knowledge and control.

Why sign a real estate exclusive?

The fact of wanting to sign a real estate exclusive only depends on you, and the need you have to sell your house quickly and at the best price. Don't let the word real estate exclusivity get the fear in your body because there are several reasons why the exclusive real estate facilitates the sale. The myths that have been created on this subject feed even more this fear that enters us when pronouncing these two words. We believe it is important for you to know that these myths are just that, myths. That is why in the following lines we will dismantle all these myths that have been created and we will dedicate ourselves to make clear to you the great value of exclusive real estate.

Myth: The exclusive real estate contract only favors the real estate agency

This statement is completely wrong. Exclusive real estate is a benefit for both parties, in this case for the real estate agency and the homeowner. However, as the owner of the property for sale, you must assess whether the property with which you are going to work offers you benefits as a client. If the agency that offers you the exclusive real estate has not been put in your skin yet, and has not told you the benefits you can get throughout the buying process, then, let us be honest, that real estate is not worth it. In this case, the exclusive real estate will be signed for a single benefit, that of the real estate agency, so the sale of your property will not have any success. If the agency that you have contacted is with you from the minute one providing you tools of control, advising you on the process and informing you of the sale of the property, then if it is the option that you need. The real estate exclusivity in this case is reliable, and the sale of your property will be done in the blink of an eye, fast and at the best price.

Myth: Once signed, the exclusive real estate contract cannot be annulled

Normally, in most real estate agencies, exclusive real estate contracts last from 3 to 6 months; the time that a professional, at most, needs to sell your apartment successfully. It is also enough time for you to see how the agency works and decide if you want to continue with them until the end or not. If you are unhappy with the work they are doing, you should communicate your complaints and try to find a solution together. If in this way you still do not see solutions, you can request the cancellation of the contract for breach. If after that time you have not yet sold your home and you are not satisfied with the work they have done, you can decide not to renew the exclusive real estate contract. It is normal to notify the real estate agency at least 15 days in advance that you are not interested in continuing to work with them. This communication will be reflected in writing in order to prove that the notification was made correctly.

Myth: More agencies, more visits

Many owners think that by collaborating with several agencies we will get more potential buyers. Let us tell you that you are wrong. As our real estate expert, Silvia, tell you: "This is like going fishing and fishing with 10 different rods, each one has its own fish. It is much more effective to fish with a net because you have all the fish and we are the ones who manage all the buyers. This example comes to say that to find us an advertisement of a property in different real estate and to different prices in different real estate portals causes us distrust. It is not seen well to see a product at different prices and so many advertisements for the same property. In addition, it is much more effective that a property has a good advertisement well positioned that brings us good potential buyers than many ads that bring us some interested in different ways.

Myth: Not all agencies work with exclusive real estate

As data, we have to tell you that about 70% of real estate agencies in Barcelona work with this exclusive real estate. And not only in Barcelona; have most of real estate agencies in Spain worked with the exclusive contract. All the efforts of the agents are destined to the properties that they have in exclusive, they give him all the mime that they need to sell it fast and to a good price. With non-exclusive real estate, these agencies relax because they do not have the pressure to sell it in record time. For this reason, what at first glance looks good is really not so good. Selling without exclusivity means that the real estate company does not feel attracted by your property and thus does not dedicate enough time or the necessary investment to make a successful sale of your apartment. A good real estate agency and an exclusive real estate contract will help you in the sale of your flat. These are some of the reasons why your best option will always be the exclusive real estate when you want to sell your flat fast and at a good price. The problem is not that the contract signed has exclusivity but that the real estate agency you choose is turned with all their desire and resources in the sale of your property. Real estate agencies want to help you remove the fear of exclusivity by encouraging you to work together to sell your flat. They will go with you hand in hand in all the processes related to the sale and purchase and you will have those 24 hours a day to clarifying all the doubts you may have.