In a country like the USA, where recession has surrounded the economy in all dimensions and is close to crushing it to nothing, lower costs of living would be like a dream come true for a resident. Surely, everyone is struggling to be financially independent and sound at this time, by working late hours in the night or doing seven days a week. The cost of living is just too heavy to be shed off, and with all the burden of expenses to be met, one has just this life time to live. How is anyone supposed to enjoy their life with the fast pacing world trying to push them into dizzy circles of earning more and more money?

One could answer to the former question by saying that cinemas and bars and other places for entertainment can serve the purpose loyally. They can take away your pain and tensions, but that isn’t so, really. This is because in today’s world, even the entertainment comes at a cost: A cost in the form of money as well as in the form of time. Heaven knows how one can escape into a place where they can live to earn yet still enjoy their life and fill it up with pleasures.

And then, when an American starts considering the places where he could be happily settled, Nashville pops up as a possible candidate. Sure, the city has a history of being moderately busy yet thoroughly entertaining. Especially from those who have been living for years in the Downtown Nashville APartments, the experiences upon their word of mouth would want someone to visit that place at least once in their life time.

Nashville does not have people throwing around free money, No! It is just somewhere where you can have free entertainment, even when walking to work. The downtown is literally swarming with talented artists and amazing instrument players who, in the urge to attract people to their art and talent, provide free entertainment.

A magician could be showing up those boring old tricks that one has seen a dozen times in the magic shows, but the mere sight of young children surrounding him, and gazing at the man with tiny, shiny eyes, brings about a smile to one’s face. The air in the atmosphere is filled with music. There’s a man with a violin in that corner, and a rock guitarist in another corner, and they are somehow complementing each other’s tunes unknowingly, creating a magical environment.

Where one would expect car horns to be knocking the brains out of the population, the music and people actually show a brighter side to the city, and cheer up the spirits of a person, relieving him of his stress for quite a while.