If we want to find a partner, the first thing we do is get pretty. We eat properly, wash and dress appropriately. We aim to please that person and we also want to differentiate ourselves from other people who have the same objective as us. Why don't we do the same if we want to find a partner for our flat, premises or office? Why not differentiate ourselves from others, putting our property more elegant, more beautiful, and tidier, with the aim of getting more interest in it? Why not try to provoke emotions and desire in the buyer?

Your property is a product for sale

You have to be aware that your flat is a product for sale, so try to present it in a way that pleases the greatest number of people, both in the visits and in the photo report that we will use on the Internet. Don't forget that we live in the era of the image and if we don't take care of it we will lose opportunities. The first impact or vision is essential. A dark, disorderly, very loaded floor produces rejection and, in the best of cases, an exaggerated and unnecessary request for a discount.

Home Staging

The interior design is oriented to decorate house thinking about the owner and his tastes. The Home Staging, on the other hand, is more neutral and universal; it is oriented to put in value the decoration and to emphasize the strong points of the house, so that anyone interested in it appreciates its possibilities. We do not want to say how you have to live inside your house, but bearing in mind that we are going to manage the sale of it, we feel obliged to explain clearly the important advantages of what is called Home Staging. By this we mean a series of simple guidelines that can radically change the appearance of your flat and, consequently, the opinion or perception of anyone who comes to visit it. Many of these recommendations do not have an economic cost, beyond the time it may take you to apply them, so we encourage you and recommend, with all our best will, to follow them.

Basic rules


The property must be clean, even if it is uninhabited, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. The opposite will cause a very negative first impression and will drive back many potential buyers. You can also boost good odours by using an aromatic fragrance.

Clear and tidy

Excess or excessive furniture eats up spaces and reduces them - or even impedes mobility - as well as darkening them, outside excess adornments. In the kitchen: leaving the kitchen countertop completely clear drastically improves the appearance of the kitchen, even if it is not the most modern kitchen. In the bathroom: try to free up sink tops, hide carpets and neatly fold towels like a hotel. In the shower or bathtub try to order jars of soap and sponges. Table tops and furniture in general: uncluttered, we can keep few ornaments, well chosen, that will make the general atmosphere stand out much more.

Rethink the location of some elements

Once the area has been cleared, it may be interesting to make changes in the location of the furniture. Many times, a simple detail, such as centering or correctly placing chairs under a table, improves the appearance as we would not have imagined.


Sobriety, neutrality and comprehensiveness are the keys to attracting and receiving more successful visits to a home. Thus, the visitor will be able to get a better idea of how he can adapt to his way of being. It is therefore necessary to try to eliminate or reduce as much as possible family photographs, posters, flags, religious decoration, personal objects, and ultimately, those elements that identify the house too much with its current owners.

Other details

Raised blinds, clothes and footwear collected ventilated houses and even open windows, weather permitting. Beds made and cushions and cushions ordered. Avoid stacked newspapers and magazines and dirty dishes and glasses in the kitchen.

Want to go one step further?

Plus, if you're willing to go one step further, you can make a more impacting change with the following recommendations.


Unhooked plugs, cracks in walls, broken tiles, dripping faucets... Buyers' attention is focused on the bad spots, so making some simple repairs prevents this from happening.


In many cases, a coat of paint serves to give a floor the fresh and luminous tone that will be decisive, especially if there are stains on the wall or if it hasn't been painted for a long time. As an extra recommendation, we should try to paint it in neutral and light tones, such as white.


An empty space always seems narrower and less welcoming than a furnished one. Today, there are low-cost furnishings that can completely change the look. Moreover, there is no need for a lot of furniture, because today free spaces take precedence.


It is essential to equip the floor with more numerous and powerful light sources. There are many tricks that, with a minimum cost, can optimize this issue.

Decorate and modernize

If in addition we do it with a touch and style that they like, better still.

A plant and a simple ornament

Plants and decorative ornaments are always decorative elements that will give us a lot of colour. Plants, a fruit bowl in the kitchen, a glass bowl with coloured soaps in the bathroom, etc. As you can imagine, applying all or some of these rules is worth it, you will get a higher price for your house and it will sell faster. It's not a cost, it's an investment. And we insist, if you don't have a budget for it, we encourage you at least to apply the basic recommendations that don't have any cost. We have to create sensations in the buyers. You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression.